Is “Real” R&B Coming Back?

Monday, 19 June 2017 by
For years, we’ve been asking (or have been asked), “what happened to real R&B?” The R&B prior to 2010 (roughly) was powered by love, happiness and the beautiful struggles in between. Since we’ve entered the new millennium and especially since cracking into the second decade, the music has been…different. Recently, the more popular R&B acts

“No Fear” – Dej Loaf

Friday, 16 June 2017 by
Ever since her breakthrough with “Try Me”, Dej Loaf has proven to be more versatile than most of us would’ve initially thought. Although she hasn’t quite blown up yet, “No Fear” may be the track to send her in the right direction. With this spring/summer really taking a turn away from so much hype music
It was extremely premature, but when Calvin Harris dropped off “Slide” a few months back I asked if he was going to give us the album of the summer. He then followed up with “Heatstroke”, “Rollin” and now “Feels” featuring Katy Perry, Pharell and Big Sean. So, to answer my own question, yes. Yes, Calvin
As we get closer to the release of Asahd’s first album, the campaign gets stronger and the songs get…better? (If “To The Max” preceded “Shining” this would be factual.) Still riding off the release of the Drake-assisted “To The Max”, Khaled is striking while the iron is hot with one of the most anticipated tracks

“For a Father” – Vivian

Friday, 09 June 2017 by
Vivian delivered her Flowers EP in November 2015 but has been relatively quiet since then. In the recent months she’s had stints at Gaia’s Garden in both Atlanta and Los Angeles. The Gaia’s Garden Atlanta footage features “Drink” and “For a Father” presented live by Vivian and an accompanying band. Give them a listen and check out her Youtube

“Yours” – Gwen Bunn

Friday, 09 June 2017 by
I’m not the biggest fan of Gwen Bunn, but that’s only because I haven’t heard much from her. If she keeps making music like “Yours”, I’ll be a big fan fairly soon. “Yours” as written by the Decatur-native was produced by Josef Leimberg. Coming in at two minutes and 34 seconds, “Yours” is a soothing exploration
I don’t know what it is bout this first full week of June but EVERYONE is getting music off this week. Looking around, so much has released in the last week that you can’t help but ask who is next? Well, don’t leave Daniel Caesar out of the mix. With two new singles available, Caesar
D.R.A.M. has had an impressive second wind coming off of his recovery from the “Cha Cha” scandal. Tonight, “Big Baby” D.R.A.M.  released “The Uber Song” and “Group Thang”. Of the two, “The Uber Song” is my favorite. I say we go ahead and get this on the radio ASAP! While Big Baby relishes in the
I’m glad that Jhené is back on track with releasing new music and the timing is great. While she catches new ears from her collaboration with 2 Chainz, Jhené Aiko has begun to branch out in her recent releases. Always the more subtle, sultry singer, “Maniac” and “First F*ck” with 6LACK showed fans a new

“That Far” – 6LACK

Friday, 09 June 2017 by
Add “new music” and “6LACK” in the same sentence and the Internet is sure to bubble after a strong introduction a year ago. After releasing Free 6LACK last November, East Atlanta’s newest star emerged from the ashes in a raging campaign that possibly his camp didn’t even foresee. Since then, 6LACK has been on the

Tazz Majer Lives For The Moment

Friday, 09 June 2017 by
When we officially launched our app back in August, we started a feature where we exclusively released new music. One of the artists that graciously signed on to be a part of that initiative was Tazz Majer, a singer/songwriter from Albany, GA. At that time, we received “Visions”, a song many people should have in their
First off, Asahd just killed the game being featured as DJ Khaled’s tenth album cover. Truthfully, we all should’ve seen it coming but it looks so natural. Asahd gotta turn up for Father’s Day after this one, right? On a serious note, at 6 AM DJ Khaled released his newest single, “To The Max”, the