We were introduced to Michael Aristotle last year when we released “Like You Should” and “For The Win” exclusively on our Soundcloud.   Since then, we’ve been given Mega Millions and now we have Toni to add to the mix.   “TONI was a nod to my mom & basically saying “look what you made
Truthfully, can Ty Dolla $ign really do anything wrong? No matter if the track is his or serves as collaboration, Ty Dollas always gives us a jam.   (Okay, besides the Campaign project.)   With reports of Beach House 3 being on the way, Ty Dollas links with Damian Marley and Skrillex for some West
More great music is brewing in Atlanta with every passing second of the day.   But we all knew that right?   The next sensation from Georgia’s capital isn’t a rapper but a singer/songwriter. A-Lex comes to fresh ears with a unique, yet familiar sound. He channels R&B and Neo-Soul directly with a blend of
New music from Jorja Smith is becoming sought after from the staff. Luckily for us, the stars aligned and the eclipse fell right in place.   Collaborating with Preditah, Jorja Smith brings us “On My Mind” and it’s a groove.    

“Ziploc” – Tyler, The Creator

Saturday, 26 August 2017 by
After releasing arguably his best overall album, Tyler, The Creator let’s whatever was left out of the bag on his new “Ziploc” freestyle.   The last two albums from Tyler moved away from pure rapping and transitioned to melody-based creation. But the newest audio from Tyler strips down from the nice sounds and allows the

“P Back” – Rod P

Saturday, 26 August 2017 by
It has been way too long since we have posted about Rod P. An artist from a small town in Georgia, Rod has tackled some classic beats for freestyles like “Feel It In The Air” by Beanie Seagal. Even though we haven’t received a full project since his Youngest In Charge mixtape, a little over
Think fast, who is the hottest group in music right now?   Time’s up! If you didn’t say Migos, you either don’t know who they are or are playing yourself.   And while the three amigos continue to light the airwaves on fire with group efforts and individual features, they have more in store. A
2017 has been a steady rollout of good music. We’ve seen new collaborations, various themes explored and too many solid projects to try to list off the top of the head.   Although he doesn’t have a bulging catalog of albums, Miguel is good a quality control and it seems like 2017 marks the next
Animated by our own Bloo Woods, “Red Sox” is an original track by Juvenile featuring Young Thug.   While “Red Sox” is nothing close to baseball related, the visual does attach itself to a game theme. The creative interpretation is based on classic 8-but video games.   It is currently unknown as to what Juvenile
Ever since The Internet released Purple Naked Ladies, we’ve been big fans of Syd and the rest of the group. So it goes without saying that the release of Syd’s first solo album was nothing short of exciting.   The only thing better than one album from Syd in a year is two and we


Friday, 25 August 2017 by
Although his latest album received mixed reviews from long-term fans, PARTYNEXTDOOR has been having an impressive run as of late as a songwriter.   With virtually the entire OVO roster slated to drop albums, we get PARTY’s first installment to the festivities. “Break Me Down” is the lead single from Club Atlantis, which is due
Following the release of This What You Wanted, Right?, Free Minds Music keeps the music flowing with another release.   While Freddy Mack’s newest project continues to simmer, the collective keeps their foot on the gas. Taking on the A$AP Rocky-led track, Mack and Steve Cantrell trade the Raf Simons styles for Vans.   Press